About the Department

The main objective of the department is to prepare the next generation of chemical engineers to address a broad spectrum of problems that are central to sustainability and economic growth of the country. With more and more inter and multidisciplinary research that is required to solve today’s socio economic problems, collaborations that cut across conventional research paradigm is indispensable. Therefore, the fundamental and applied research carried out in the department is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, and in several cases engages with leading institutions across the globe. The vibrant research culture is evident from the number of patents and publications that the department has produced in a short span of time. The intense interaction with several industries is a testimony to the applied nature of research carried out in the department.

The curriculum for the undergraduate program builds on the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, transport processes and exposes the students to state of the art laboratories and design tools. The unique blend of core and advanced electives equally prepares a student for the industry and higher studies. The master’s program prepares the next generation of research scholars and a heavy emphasis is given for the thesis component. The outstanding student-to faculty ratio facilitates personalised teaching and research guidance. We strive to create an environment that is challenging and enables our students to identify and pursue their professional goals within an innovative educational and research program.

Our department offers B. Tech, M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs in chemical engineering. Our outstanding student-to-faculty ratio facilitates personalized teaching and research guidance activities. We strive to maintain an environment that enables students to identify and pursue their personal and professional goals within an innovative educational and research program that is rigorous as well as flexible. We also affirm our commitment to the creation, development, and organization of fundamental knowledge, and to provide technical service to the community.