Sponsored and Consultancy Projects

PI Name Co PI Name Project Title Sponsoring Agency Status
Dr. Alan R Jacob --- Colloidal Water Remediation. SERB On Going
Dr. Surya Kumar S Dr.Alan R Jacob 3D Printing of Energetic Materials:Design & Development of 3D Printer Accompanied by Feasibilty Studies. DRDO(CARS) On Going
Dr. Anand Mohan Dr.Sathya Peri An Efficient Framework For Simulating Bloood Flow In a Stenosed Channel. DBT Approved
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- Activated and Patterned Carbon Nanofibers based Advance Design Configuration for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors. Ministry of Textiles On Going
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- Scaling up of electro-spinning process for nano-fibers. Ministry of Textiles On Going
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- Swarna Jayanthi Fellowship & Research Grant. DST On Going
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- Scientific Understanding and Technical Development of Metal-CO2 battery with CO2 as an Energy Carrier for India's Mars Mission. SERB On Going
Dr.Debaprasad Shee Dr.Shelaka Gupta
Dr.Saptarshi Majumdar
Dr.Kishalay Mitra
A combined experimental and theoretical approach towards rational design of supported metal catalysts for the reductive deploymerization of corncob lignin to produce bulk aromatic chemicals. SERB On Going
Dr.Debaprasad Shee
Dr. Sayak Banerjee
Dr.Raja Banerjee
Dr.Kishalay Mitra
The Experimental Investigation and Numerical Modelling of Heat Absorption Efficacy of Additive Enhanced Endothermic Rocket Fuels. DRDO On Going
Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar --- Optimal Production of Ergosterol from Pleurotus ostreatus in Submerged Fermentation. Avasya Labs Pvt.Ltd. On Going
Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu Dr. Saravanan Balusamy Effects of phase change, coalescence and breakup on raindrop dynamics. SERB On Going
Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu Dr. Lakshmana Dora Chandrala
Dept. of MAE
Development of accurate rain fall models by studying the influence of meteorological parameters on raindrop dynamics. IITH On Going
Dr.Vamsi Krishna Narla
Mentor: Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu
National Post Doctoral Fellowship (Modeling of active membrane micro pumps). SERB On Going
Dr.Kishalay Mitra Dr. Raja Banerjee Wind farm layout optimization under uncertainty using wind speed forecasting through probabilistic models and comparison with machine learning algorithms. MoE On Going
Dr.Kishalay Mitra Dr. Lopamudra Giri Application of Artificial Intelligence and optical control in optimizing protein / vaccine production in bioreactor system : A step towards affordable biomolecule production. DBT On Going
Dr.Kishalay Mitra --- Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions(FIST) Grant (To strengthen the research facilties in the Department). DST-FIST On Going
Dr.Kishalay Mitra Dr.Soumya Jana Robust Wind Energy Conversion System when deep learning meets sustainable energy utilization. DST-(NSM). On Going
Dr.Kishalay Mitra --- Prediction of Microstructure & correlating it with mechanical properties for all grades of steel rolled in HSM. Tata Steel limited On Going
Dr.Kishalay Mitra --- Development of AI based model for coke quality prediction and coal blend optimization. Tata Steel Limited On Going
Dr.Raja Banerjee Dr. Pankaj Kolhe
Dr. Kishalay Mitra
Development of an on-board spray controller model for UAVs using AI for precision agricultural application. SERB On Going
Dr.Soumya Jana Dr.Lopamudra Giri
Dr.Kishalay Mitra
Development of Computational Software intergrating Multilevel Image Data Analysis: Towards efficient clinical practices and advanced biomolecular research in ophthalmology. DBT On Going
Dr.Sayanth Ghosh
Mentor: Dr.Lopamudra Giri
Dr.Haripriya Narasimhan
Portable diagnostic system, a digital solution for diabetic retinopathy in remote & rural areas. NM-ICPS (IIT Indore -Drishi Cps) On Going
Dr.Mahesh Ganesan Dr. Alan R Jacob
Dr.Balaji Iyer
Adhesion of silane based adhesion promoters on concrete based wet surfaces Momentive Performance Materials India Private Ltd. On Going
Dr.Mahesh Ganesan --- Designing with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives -Rheological Frameworks for Vibration Damping. IITH On Going
Dr.Mahesh Ganesan --- Efficient Control of Elasticity in Dilute Fractal Colloidal Gels. SERB On Going
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy Dr. Vinod Janardhanan Improving the efficiency of spiral concentrator separating the multi-component chromite ore particles using CFD and experimental methods. MoE (UAY)
TATA Steel
On Going
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy Dr. Raja Banerjee Development and Application of a GPU Based Coupled DEM-CFD Model for Predicting non-spherical Particle Dynamics and Performance of Mineral Processing Unit. SERB On Going
Dr.Ramkarn Patne --- Dynamics of complex flows subjected to a temperature gradient. IITH On Going
Dr.Ranajit Mondal --- Self-assembly of shape anisotropic colloids in confined drops. IITH On Going
Dr.Ranajit Mondal Dr.Kishalay Mitra
Dr.Debaprasad Shee
Dr.Mahesh Ganesan
Dr.Rupesh Ganpatrao Wandhare(EE)
Dr.Pradeep Kumar Yemula(EE)
Dr.Gnanaprakash. K (MAE)
Dr.Sayak Benarjee (MAE)
Industrial Energy Assessment as part of Kotak-IITM Save Energy Mission(KISEM) –IIT Hyderabad. IIT Madras On Going
Dr. Saptarshi Majumdar
Dr.Lopamudra Giri
Investigation on the biophysical factors regulating the phase transition mechanisms for assembly and disassembly of stress granules. DBT On Going
Dr. Saptarshi Majumdar Dr. Debaprasad Shee
Dr.Joyjit Kundu
Experimental & Simulation studies for Multiscale design of Non-crosslinked polymeric drug delivery vehicle for controlled drug release application : In search of ideal low-cost biomaterials. SERB On Going
Dr. Saptarshi Majumdar Dr.Lopamudra Giri Multiple Drug Nano Formulation and Quantatative Imaging of Cellular Response for Glaucoma Treatment Protocol. DBT On Going
Dr. Satyavrata Samavedi Dr.Harish Nagaraj Dixit Connecting operating variables,cone /jet features and mesh properties in electrospinning: using experiments and modelling to bridge theory and applications. SERB On Going
Dr.Shelaka Gupta --- Rational Design of Transition Metal catalyst for the production of value added chemicals from biomass Derived 2-pyrone Molecules. SERB On Going
Dr. Suhanya Duraiswamy -- Microfluidic Chip to capture and Lyse Pathogen from Body fluids. MoE-STARS On Going
Dr. Suhanya Duraiswamy --- Microfluidics enabled Programmable and Controllable Assembly of Plasmonic Nanomaterials-Development of a NanoBioSensor. SERB On Going
Dr. Ashish Misra Dr. Suhanya Duraiswamy Targeting the Splicing and Stability of Androgen Receptor Splice Variants in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer. ICMR On Going
Dr. Vinod Janardhanan Dr. Narasimha Mangadoddy Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of multi-phase flow field and thermal balance in a fused salt electrolytic cell for magnesium metal production. DMRL,Hyderabad On Going
Dr. Vinod Janardhanan --- Development and Characterization of unitized regenerative fuel cells for high temperature operation. SERB On Going
Dr. Alan R Jacob --- Thermoresponsive Electroadsorption (THESEOS). IITH Closed
Dr.Anand Mohan --- Mathematical modelling of autowaves phase transforms and surface chemical reactions in blood coagulation. DST Closed
Dr.Anand Mohan --- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of Stirred Tanks. Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Limited Closed
Dr.Anand Mohan Dr.Amirtham Rajagopal Modeling of arteries with atherosclerotic plaque: In vivo prediction of plaque growth and rupture. DBT Closed
Dr.Anand Mohan --- Experimental Modeling of clots. IITH Closed
Dr.Anand Mohan Computational simulation of blood flow in stenosed geometry: Insights into the progress of atherosclerosis. DST Closed
Dr.Balaji Iyer --- Multi-scale simulations for Design of Particle-Polymer hybrid materials. NSM Closed
Dr.Balaji Iyer --- Modeling and Simulation of Bio-inspired Particle-Polymer Hybrid Material Networks. SERB Closed
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma Nanostructured Polymer Thin Film. MoE-Workshop (GIAN) Closed
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- Fluidics on a Compact Disc - A Short course for Academic and Industry. MoE-Workshop (GIAN) Closed
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma Dr.Tata N.Rao (ARCI- Hyderabad) Hierarchical nanostructured carbon materials derived from candle soot and graphene for high rate and high performance electrodes for automotive batteries and supercapacitors. MoE Closed
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- Surface patterning and electrospinning of block co-polymers with application for photovoltaics and energy storage. SERB - Indo-US Science & Technology Forum Closed
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma Dr. Kishalay Mitra Direct recycling of polystyrene based waste objects using orange peel extract for oil spills remediation. DST Closed
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- Resorcinol-Formaldehyde derived Graphitized Carbon Xerogel as High Capacity Anode for Lithium Ion Battery. SERB Closed
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- Electrospun Polymer and Carbon Nanofibers for Energy, Environment and Healthcare Application. DST (Inspire) Closed
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- National Symposium Conference on Chemical Engineering Research Scholars.
05th and 06th Dec 2015.
DST Closed
Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma --- Implementation of Global Initiative on Academic Network (GIAN) Programme. MoE (GIAN) Closed
Dr. Mudrika Khandelwal Dr.Chandra shekhar Sharma Bacterial cellulose dervied nanostructured Carbon materials with tunable porosity as high performance anode for lithium ion battery. SERB Closed
Dr.Suman Chakravorty(IIT KGP) Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma (IITH)
Dr.Dipankar Bandyopadhayay (IITG)
Dr. Chirasree Ray Chaudhuri (IIEST)
Dr. Dipayan Sanyal (CGCRI)
Dr.Satadal Saha (JSV Innovations).
Extreme Point of Care Diagnostics on a CD. MoE Closed
Dr. Subha Narayan Rath Dr.Chandra Shekhar Sharma
Dr. G V Rao
Dr.R Pradeep
Dr.D.Nageswar Reddy
Development of macro-encapsulation device for islet cell transplantation for diabetes treatment. MoE Closed
Dr. Subha Narayan Rath Dr.Chandra shekhar Sharma Bio-inspired engineering of nano-hierarchical musculoskeletal tissue architecture for stem cell recruitment to treat compound non-healing bone fracture. DST Closed
Dr Prem Pal Dr.Chandra shekhar Sharma Hierarchical Hybrid Micro/Nano-Textured Monocrystalline Silicon and Polymer Anti-reflective Surfaces for High Efficiency Solar Cells. SERB Closed
Dr.Mudrika Khandelwal
Dr.Stephen J Eichhorn (UK)
Dr.Chandra shekhar Sharma Polymer and Carbon based three Dimensional micropatterned nanofabric with enhanced wattability contrast. DST Closed
Dr.Debaprasad Shee --- Development of Bi-Functional Catalysts for the Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether from Synthesis Gas. SERB Closed
Dr.Debaprasad Shee --- Conversion of Lignin to Aromatic Based Chemicals using Supported Metal Catalysts. CSIR Closed
Dr. Mallesham Baithy
Mentor:Dr. Debaprasad Shee
--- National post-doctoral fellowship to
Dr.Mallesham Baithy.
SERB Closed
Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar --- Production Engineering of Glutaminase free L-asparaginase by SSF and SmF Using Novel Asparagine rich Agricultural waste and Product Characterization as Anti-Leukaemic Agent. DST Closed
Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar --- Semi-Pilot Scale Comparative Studies on Lipase Production by Solid State fermentation (SSF) and Sub-Merged Fermentation (SmF).Seed Grant IIT Hyderabad. IITH Closed
Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar --- Semi-Pilot Scale Production of Lipase by Solid State Fermentation (SSF) for Transesterification of Biodiesel Analysis. SERB Closed
Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar --- Production of high cell density edible mushrooms by submerged fermentation and development of high protein nutrition. SERB Closed
Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu --- Development and applications of High Performance Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) for Multiphase Flows. DST Closed
Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu --- The fluid Dynamics of Bubble and Drop: Motion, Deformation and Breakup. Indian National Science Academy Closed
Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu --- Prediction of SH & RH tubes metal temperature by conjugate HT analysis using CFD. BHEL Closed
Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu Linear stability analyses of interfacial flows of fluids with complex rhelogy. SERB Closed
Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu Instabilites in multiphase flows. IITH Closed
Dr.Kishalay Mitra --- Optimization of mechanical properties of hot rolled steel using evolutionary as well as classical approaches. TATA Steel Closed
Dr.Kishalay Mitra --- Machine Learning Based optimal Parameter estimation for BlaSim. TATA Steel Closed
Dr.Lopamudra Giri --- Integrated approach towards economic production of baculovirus pesticide: Combination of genetic engineering, systems biology and bioreactor design. DST Closed
Dr.Shiv Govind Singh Dr. Lopamudra Giri
Dr. Soumya Jana
An ultra sensitive metal oxide nano-fiber platform for the early detection of MMP2, MMP9 and C3 proteins from the tear fluid of preterm infants for the diagnosis of Retinopathy of Prematurity. SERB Closed
Dr.Lopamudra Giri --- Investigation on role of neuronglical activation leading to neuronal loss as an early maker of diabetic retinopathy using transcriptomics and high resolution imaging based approaches. SERB Closed
Dr. Ranjana Singh
Mentor- Dr. Lopamudra Giri
--- Women Scientist Scheme A (WOS-A) Design of a cost effective multi-well plate for high throughput drug screening platform : study on combination therapy. DST-Fellowship Closed
Dr.Lopamudra Giri Dr.Kishalay Mitra Development of computational and visualization software for evaluating GPCR targeting drugs with the aim of mitigating corona virus infection level. SERB & DST Closed
Dr.Shiv Govind Singh Dr.Lopamudra Giri Miniaturized bioimaging device with embedded nanosensor for real time oxygen sensing. DBT Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy Dr.Praveen Meduri,IITH
Dr. Eswaraiah, CSIR- IMMT
Recovery of galena,sphalerite from lead zinc tailings by integrated energy efficient ultrafine comminution and novel shear floc-flotation and its impact on downstream Paste fill. Ministry of Mines, Government of India & Hindustan zinc limited Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- Design & Modelling of Bigger size hydrocylcone to deliver smaller cut point. Tega Insudtries ltd Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- Development of Novel Hydrocyclone for beneficiatoin of IRON ore slimes. DST Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- Scale-up and Coarse Coal Partitioning performance prediction of TATA-JK dense medium cyclone by multi-phase CFD Simulations. TATA Steel Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy Dr.Raja Banerjee Research for Improving Dense media cyclone. NMDC Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- Development of Mathematical Model for Integrated Iron Ore Grinding Ball Mill-Air Classifier Circuit: Energy-Grind Optimization. TATA Steel Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- Estimation of Hydrodynamics of Large Scale(2 mDIA) Column Flotation using Semi-Empirical and CFD Models. TATA Steel Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- Development of a multi - component classification model for industrial hydrocyclones. SERB Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- CFD Modelling of Fluid Flow in Air pollution control equipment (ESP, Bag filter, Cyclones, Scrubber, Centrifugal fans). Clairs Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- Design Modifications of TATA-JK Dense Medicum Cyclone for the efficient separation of Middling coal using CFD. TATA Steel Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- Feasibilty study of separation of grphaite from Lead concentrate using the water only cyclone. Hindustan Zinc Closed
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy --- Consultancy charges for Minimization of Fines and Coarse particles in the products of Quartz ore closed Ball Mill-Air classifier circuit using CFD Modelling & Simulation Approach. M/s Chettinad Morimura Semiconductor Material Private Limited Closed
Dr.T Shashidhar
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy
--- Consultancy fee for suggesting counter measures to reduce the high velocities at the d/s of Sundilla barrage using CFD analysis/mathematical studies. Irrigation and CAD Department, Govt of Telangana. Closed
Dr.T Shashidhar
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy
--- Consultancy fee for suggesting counter measures to reduce the high velocities at the d/s of Medigadda barrage using CFD analysis/mathematical studies. Irrigation and CAD Department, Govt of Telangana. Closed
Dr.T Shashidhar
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy
--- Consultancy fee for suggesting counter measures to reduce the high velocities at the d/s of Annaram barrage using CFD analysis/mathematical studies. Irrigation and CAD Department, Govt of Telangana. Closed
Dr.T Shashidhar Dr Subramanyam Ch
Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy
Developing a process and pilot scale unit for the recovery of chrome and other value added products from chrome ore process residue (CORP). MOEFCC ,MoE,Vishnu Chemicals Ltd Closed
Dr.Parag D Pawar --- Multi-scale investigation of the dynamics of polymicrobial biofilm development under hydrodynamic shear. DST Closed
Dr.Phanindra Jampana --- Design of SAR Image Pre Processing Techniques for Improving Probability of Correlation. DRDO Closed
Dr.Phanindra Jampana Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity Development of ERT reconstruction Algorithms for Accurate Estimation of Phase Concentration in Multi-Phase flows. SERB Closed
Dr.Phanindra Jampana --- Video Analytics for Interface level detection in separation Cells. Finmee Technologies Pvt Ltd (NTWIST) Closed
Dr.Saptarshi Majumdar
Dr.Debaprasad Shee
--- Lignin De-Polymerization: Catalysts for Targeted Perfomance. DST Closed
Dr. Saptarshi Majumdar --- Comprehensive Analysis of Existing Separation Processes of Coke Making by-products and Development of Value Added Products from Coal and Coal tar. TATA Steel Closed
Dr. Saptarshi Majumdar
Dr. Chandrasekhar Sharma
--- Electrospun Nano-fiber as Carrier for Controlled Release of Amphotericin-B and Pipering Connecting Drug-Polymer Fiber Properties to Release Kinetics. DST Closed
Dr. Saptarshi Majumdar Dr.Debaprasad Shee Process Development for Generation of Coal Related Products from High Ash Trailings Coal. TATA Steel Closed
Dr. Saptarshi Majumdar Dr.Chandrasekhar Sharma
Dr.Debaprasad Shee
Feasibility study for the production of Hierarchical carbon Nano Materials from Tailing coal and coal tar. TATA Steel Closed
Dr. Satyavrata Samavedi --- Bi- Functional Co-Electrospun Scaffolds for Combating Inflammation in the context of Tissue Regeneration. SERB Closed
Dr. Satyavrata Samavedi Dr Lopamudra Giri The role of intracellular calcium signalling in matrixmedicated differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. DBT Closed
Dr. Shelaka Gupta --- Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of Biomass-derived Platform Molecule to Produce Fuel/ Fuel additives and Understanding the Challenges Related to the Complex Reaction Environment. IITH Closed
Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity --- Utilisation of Glycerol Etherification of Glycerol by Isobutylene using modified zeolites. DST Closed
Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity --- Production of Green Diesel from Non-edible oils using supported nano metal catalysists. DST Closed
Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity --- Steam reforming of butanols using high surface area mesoporous CeO2-ZrO2 Mixed Oxides supported Metal Catalysts. CSIR Closed
Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity Dr.Debaprasad Shee Catalytic conversion of Furfural to Tetrahydrofuran (THF) and Other commodity chemicals at Bench scale. SGE Consulting Inc Closed
Dr. Sunil Kumar Maity --- Calculation of Equilibrium solubility of Butanes in Molten Polupropylene using PC-SAFT Equation of sate (USD 2000). Sulzer Closed
Dr. Vinod Janardhanan Dr.R Ormerod Modelling Accelerated Ageing and Degradation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (MAAD-SOFC). DST Closed
Dr. Vinod Janardhanan --- Detailed Kinetic, Studies of Biogas Reforming on Ni Catalyst. CSIR Closed
Dr.Vinod Janardhanan --- Development of Chemical kinetics model and integrated pulverised coal fired furnace performance model software. BHEL Closed
Dr.Vinod Janardhanan Dr.Ch. Subrahmanyam Methanation: A route for CO2 Mitigation and bio-methane production. MNRE Closed
Dr.Vinod Janardhanan --- SPOC-SPARC India - Japan SPARC Closed
Dr.Vinod Janardhanan --- Development and Demonstration of Solid Oxide Electrolysis cell technology for Co-electrolysis of Co2 and H2o for the production of Syngas. SERB-IMPRINT Closed
Dr.Vinod Janardhanan Kinetic Modelling of Iron Oxide Reduction. TATA Steel Closed