JICA Departmental Research Facilities

Equipment Name Equipment Description Faculty Email Id Location
OPTICAL TWEEZERS Force Spectroscopy Dr.Balaji Iyer balaji@che.iith.ac.in A-210
HR-POWDER XRD Powder sample, Thin film and SAXS Dr.Debaprasad Shee dshee@che.iith.ac.in A-318
BIOSENSOR WORK STATION Toxic gas analysers/ detects sensitive analysers Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar devarai@che.iith.ac.in A-224
HPLC Organic and inorganic analyser / Highly efficient analyser Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar devarai@che.iith.ac.in A-224
CHEMICAL REACTOR (500ML),(2000ML), SPECTROPHOTOMETER & 3L LABORATORY FERMENTOR Immoblised beads can be properly used/ Bead and substrate interaction, Spectrophotometer and laboratory fermentor Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar devarai@che.iith.ac.in A-224
SCANNING ELECTROCHEMICAL MICROSCOPE (SECM) Surface scanning for determining the chemical/electrochemical activity in heterogeneous systems. Head, Chemical Engineering head@che.iith.ac.in A-116
BATTERY TESTING MACHINE Battery Charge and Discharge characteristics can be determined Head, Chemical Engineering head@che.iith.ac.in A-116
DRIVING SIMULATOR Driving Simulator Head, Chemical Engineering head@che.iith.ac.in A-116
RAIN DROP FACILITY Flow field measurement Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu ksahu@che.iith.ac.in Research Center Complex
HPC CLUSTER High Performance Computing Cluster Dr.Kirti Chandra Sahu ksahu@che.iith.ac.in Institute Data Center
(M/s Netz Sch-Feinmahlteckink GmbH)
Ultrafine grinding device Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy narasimha@che.iith.ac.in
MICROWAVE PLASMA ATOMIC EMISSION SPECTROMETER (MPAES) Multi-species composition analysis of minerals Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy narasimha@che.iith.ac.in A-318
DIFFERENTIAL SCANNING CALORIMETRY Differential scanning calorimetry Dr.Saptarshi Majumdar saptarshi@che.iith.ac.in A-318
GEL PERMEATION AND SIZE EXCLUSION CHROMATOGRAPH (GPC/SEC) SYSTEM Gel permeation and size exclusion chromatograph Dr.Saptarshi Majumdar saptarshi@che.iith.ac.in A-318
CIRCULAR DICHROISM SPECTROMETER/ POLARIMETER Measurement of protein secondary structure, protein conformation, protein folding, ligand-protein interactions, thermal transitions in proteins Dr.Satyavrata Samavedi samavedi@che.iith.ac.in A-318
HYBRID CELL IMAGING MULTI-MODE READER Integrated Absorbance/ fluorescence / luminescence/ time-resolved fluorescence reading across all platforms (monochromator-based), integrated bright field and fluorescence real time imaging across multiple platforms (filter-based) Dr.Satyavrata Samavedi samavedi@che.iith.ac.in A-321
MULTIPLEX ARRAY READER Simultaneous measurement of multiple biological analytes (e.g., cytokines) in varied solutions Dr.Satyavrata Samavedi samavedi@che.iith.ac.in A-321
STEREOLITHOGRAPHY (SLA) SLA based 3d printer Dr.Suhanya Duraiswamy suhanya@che.iith.ac.in A-210
LC-MS Dr.Sunil Kumar Maity sunil_maity@che.iith.ac.in A-318