Suhanya Duraiswamy

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D, NUS Singapore

Email:   suhanya[at]che.iith.ac.in

Office:  A-610         Lab:  A-210

Tel:   040-2301-6217

Areas of Interest:  Microfluidics, Theranostics, Sensors, Microphotoreactors, Nanomaterial synthesis and assembly

“Few 100 µm fluidic channels – microfluidics. Micro and millifluidic channels are typical PFRs. Multiphase flows with bubbles, drops, foams introduce flowing microreaction vessels."

Controlled Microenvironments lead to fascinating phenomena that are not obvious in the macroworld we live in. Microfluidics provides us a window to this microworld, and analysis of such properties enable us to develop powerful tools that can, in the long run, be applied to Healthcare and Energy sectors.

Research Areas

1. Particle synthesis and assembly: Multiphase micro flows enable automated, reproducible and robust synthesis and/or assembly of the particles due to the control of reagent contacting and their kinetics. Our focus is on plasmonic nanomaterials.

2. Pathogen isolation and recognition: Pathogen isolation from body fluids for disease diagnostics and personalized therapy using multiphase flows and pathogen specific protein bound nano-materials within few minutes of sample collection is the objective. The isolated pathogen-protein complex will be then processed using on-chip PCR/LAMP/AI-ML tools.

3. 3D organoids for personalized therapy: 3D in vitro tumor models such as spheroids and organoids with and without supports are being explored in this research focus. These will be directly extended to high-throughput combinatorial drug testing, delivery and therapy.

4. Microphotoreactors: We are currently working towards a platform technology which will later find applications in water treatment, waste to value added products, artificial photosynthesis and other solar-driven applications. 

Selected Publications

1. Suhanya Duraiswamy, Saif A. Khan, ”Plasmonic Nanoshell Synthesis in Microfluidic Composite Foams”, Nano Letters,, 10, 3757–3763 (2010).

2. Duraiswamy S., Khan S. A., ”Droplet-Based Microfluidic Synthesis of Anisotropic Metal Nanocrystals”, Small, 5(24), 2828–2834 (2009).

3. Sushama Agarwalla, Suhanya Duraiswamy, ”Micro-piezo Actuator for Cell Lysis”, Microactuators, Microsensors and Micromechanisms, (2022).

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