Saptarshi Majumdar

Professor, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D, IIT Kharagpur

Email:   saptarshi[at]che.iith.ac.in

Office:  A-611         Lab:  A-708

Tel:  040-2301-6205

Areas of Interest:  Polymers, Ion interactions, Biomaterials, Molecular dynamics, Industrial Processes

“Biomaterials & charged Polymers – A complicated domain with interesting dynamics and applications.”

Our focus on Poly-Nano-Bio group, is developing cross-linker free biomaterials and understanding the physicochemical aspects of ionic interactions with charged polymers. The chemically modified polymer biomaterials may result in toxicity and issues with biocompatibility and FDA approvals. Hence, we focus on the physical interactions of polymers to develop biomaterials for different applications. We also emphasis on developing certain theories on charged polymers. Our group actively worked with Tata Steel to develop laboratory demonstrations for several products from low-cost tailing coals.

Research Areas

1. Physicochemical aspects of polyelectrolytes and polyampholytes: Biomaterials are prepared using chemically crosslinked polymers to increase their dissolution resistance which in turn induce toxicity. Main emphasis is given to the interactions of the charged polymers to get the desired cross-linker free biomaterials without hampering the biocompatibility.

2. Interaction perspective of biomaterial development: The biomaterials are usually developed using the trial-and error method and without a scientific knowledge of interactions. The main aim is to study the interactions of polymers and other components and design a better biomaterial showing superior results.

3. Ionic interactions of polymers: The theories of polymer physics are more aligned towards the neutral polymers. We aim to develop certain theories by studying the ionic interaction (salts, acids) with charged polymers and an applications of these in biomaterial development.

4. Tailing Coal to Value Added Products: Several projects are successfully completed with Tata Steel in last few years to convert waste to wealth i.e., low-cost tailing coal to value added products like C-slurry (as fuel), Activated-C and Battery Grade electrode materials.

Selected Publications

1. T. Basu, U. Bhutani, S. Majumdar, Cross-linker-free sodium alginate and gelatin hydrogels: a multiscale biomaterial design framework. J. Mater. Chem. B 10, 3614–3623 (2022).

2. S. Das, L. Giri, S. Majumdar, Hofmeister series: An insight into its application on gelatin and alginate-based dual-drug biomaterial design. Eur. Polym. J. 189, 111961 (2023).

3. T. Basu, S. V Chituru, S. Majumdar, Unraveling fluctuation in gelatin and monovalent salt systems: coulombic starvation. Soft Matter 19, 2486–2490 (2023).

4. S K Sriramoju, PS Dash, S Majumdar, Meso-porous activated carbon from lignite waste and its application in methylene Blue adsorption and coke plant effluent treatment. J of Environ. Chemical Engg. 9 (1), 104784, 2021.

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