Lopamudra Giri

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D,University of Iowa

Email:   giril[at]che.iith.ac.in

Office:  A-604         Lab:  A-712B

Tel:  040-2301-6212

Areas of Interest:  Live cell imaging, Systems Biology, Image analysis

“Integration of Time-lapse Microscopy and Systems Biology in understanding neurodegenerative diseases.”

The broad research theme of the group is around developing live imaging techniques to study dynamic response in cell systems. Cell-based disease models are devised for testing drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. Further we aim to build a digital twin of the experimental system by integrating Machine learning and Systems biology approach.

Research Areas

1. Cellular Engineering: Application of engineering approaches to develop quantitative understanding of cell function and apply this understanding for deciphering the action of drugs. This approach was used to identify calcium channel blockers as potential anti-stroke drug.

2. Live cell imaging and quantitative microscopy: Development of live imaging techniques using confocal microscopy to measure dynamics of protein aggregation. This approach leads to observe the intracellular phase separation under neurodegenerative condition.

3. Disease models: Construction of cell-based disease model based on hypoxia/hyperglycemia and drug testing. Implementation of deep learning models for automated image segmentation.

4. Systems Biology: Construction of mathematical model for signaling network and parameter estimation using Monte Carlo sampling. Development of digital model of cell systems using machine learning and biophysical models.

Selected Publications

1. V. Dhyani, S. Kumar, S.R. Manne, I. Kaur, S. Jana, S. Russell, R. Sarkar, L. Giri, “Three-Dimensional Tracking of Intracellular Calcium and Redox State during Real-Time Control in a Hypoxic Gradient in Microglia Culture: Comparison of the Channel Blocker and Reoxygenation under Ischemic Shock”, ACS Chemical Neuroscience, vol. 14(10), pp. 1810–1825. 2023.

2. Aishee Dey, Suman Gare, Sarpras Swain, Proma Bhattacharya, Vaibhav Dhyani, Lopamudra Giri and Sudarsan Neogi. "3D imaging and quantification of PLL coated fluorescent ZnO NP distribution and ROS accumulation using laser scanning confocal microscopy." AIChE Journal, vol. 68(9), pp. e17801, 2022.

3. Suman Gare, Soumita Chel, TK Abhinav, Vaibhav Dhyani, Soumya Jana and Lopamudra Giri. “Mapping of structural arrangement of cells and collective calcium transients: an integrated framework combining live cell imaging using confocal microscopy and UMAP-assisted HDBSCAN-based approach”. Integrative Biology, vol. 14, pp. 184-203, 2022.

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