Giridhar Madras

Professor, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D, Texas A&M University

Email:   giridhar[at]che.iith.ac.in

Office:  A-505         Lab:  A-


Areas of Interest:  Catalysis, Polymers, Supercritical fluids, Energy

“We are interested in developing novel materials for applications in the energy and environmental sectors.”

The aim of the research group is to develop new nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications. We also synthesize novel polymeric materials for applications in water purification and drug delivery. We also work in the area of supercritical fluids and its synthesis for biodiesel and bio lubricants.

Research Areas

1. Heterogeneous catalysis: We develop several new nanomaterials that are used as catalysts for reactions in the energy and environmental sectors. We also propose new reaction pathways and mechanisms providing us with a method to develop new materials with superior properties.

2. Polymers: The emphasis has been to synthesize new polymers and also functionalize them with new nanomaterials. We characterize the morphological structure, examine the molecular structure and incorporate model drugs into the matrix to investigate its evolution into media with time.

3. Supercritical fluids: The solubilities of various compounds have been modeled using various empirical relations developed by us. These are based on phase equilibria thermodynamics. We have also synthesized bio lubricants and biodiesel in supercritical fluids for the first time.

4. Distribution kinetics: We develop continuous distribution kinetic models for granular mixing, precipitation, simultaneous polymerization and degradation, crystal growth, Ostwald ripening, gelation, attrition and the Avrami equation for crystallization.

Selected Publications

1.MU Rao, K Bhargavi, G Madras, C Subrahmanyam, Basic metal oxide integrated DBD packed bed reactor for the decomposition of CO2, Chemical Engineering Journal 468, 143671 (2023).

2.SA Singh, Y Varun, P Goyal, I Sreedhar, G Madras, Feed Effects on Water–Gas Shift Activity of M/Co3O4-ZrO2 (M = Pt, Pd, and Ru) and Potassium Role in Methane Suppression, Catalysts 13 (5), 838 (2023).

3.PP Mon, PP Cho, L Chanadana, KV Ashok Kumar, T Shashidhar, C Subrahmanyam, G Madras, Bio-waste assisted phase transformation of Fe3O4/carbon to nZVI/graphene composites and its application in reductive elimination of Cr (VI) removal from aquifer, Separation and Purification Technology 306, 122632 (2023).

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