Debaprasad Shee

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D,IIT Kanpur

Email:   dshee[at]che.iith.ac.in

Office:  A-509         Lab:  A-519

Tel:   040-2301-6210

Areas of Interest:  Heterogeneous catalysis, Reaction engineering, Mixed metals and metal oxides catalysis, Energy and Environment

“Catalysis has become ubiquitous in our everyday lives and is continued to make the worlds better. Most of the produced involve catalytic transformations. commodities.”

Our research group focuses on understanding the catalysis science of mixed metals and metal oxides for various catalytic applications such as production of fuels and chemicals from renewables sources, CO2 conversion, activation of lower hydrocarbons, production and chemical storage of hydrogen. Our research also aims to identify the catalytic active sites existing on the heterogeneous catalyst surface to establish structure-activity/selectivity relationships.

Research Areas

1. Catalysis over supported metals and metal oxides: Several supported mixed metals and metal oxides catalysts are developed for various catalytic applications. We aims to identify catalytic active sites to establish structure- activity/ selectivity for rational design of catalysts.

2.Energy and Environment: : Sustainable production of energy offsets the need of nonrenewable sources and conserve the environment. We aim to develop process and materials for the production of clean energy and their storage. Presently our group engage in production of clean hydrogen and transformation of CO2 to fuels and chemical.

3. Sustainable production of chemicals: Green carbon feedstocks are required to defossilise the manufacture of bulk chemicals. We aim to develop catalysts and process for the sustainable production of chemicals from renewable sources such as biomass derived feedstocks and other green chemicals.

4. Kinetics and reaction engineering: We aim to explore mechanistic aspects of different catalytic and non catalytic chemical reactions, impact of various process parameters, process optimization and operation of reactor.

Selected Publications

1. Raikwar D., Majumdar S., and Shee D. “Synergistic effect of Ni-Co alloying on hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol over Ni-Co/Al2O3 catalysts” Molecular Catalysis 499, 111290 (2021).

2.Palla V.C.S., Shee D., and Maity S.K “Production of aromatics from n-butanol over HZSM-5, H-Beta, and γ-Al2O3: Role of silica-alumina mole ratio and effect of pressure” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8, 15230-15242 (2020).

3. Raikwar D., Majumdar S., and Shee D. “Thermocatalytic depolymerization of Kraft lignin to guaiacols using HZSM-5 in alkaline water-THF co-solvent: A realistic approach” Green Chemistry 21, 3864-3881 (2019).

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