Chandra Shekhar Sharma

Professor, Chemical Engineering

Ph.D, IIT Kanpur

Email:   cssharma[at]che.iith.ac.in

Office:  A-311         Lab:  A-709

Tel:  040-2301- 6208

Areas of Interest:  Nanomaterials, Energy Storage, Sensors, Drug Delivery

“Creativity, diversity, serendipity and novelty define our approach to solve engineering challenges without fear of failure.”

Creative & Advance Research Based On Nanomaterials (CARBON) Lab at IIT Hyderabad is actively engaged with synthesis of a variety of functional nanomaterials (carbon, polymers, metal oxide/sulfides and their composites) including electrospun nanofibers with their application in energy storage (Li-ion, metal-S, metal-CO2 batteries, Supercapacitors), environment, sensors and healthcare.

Research Areas

1.Metal-CO2 Battery: We use CO2 as an energy carrier to develop indigenous Metal-CO2 batteries for India’s Mars mission. In parallel, this research also involves utilizing the excess CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere that cause global warming and climate changes.

2.Li-ion, Metal-S Batteries & supercapacitors: A number of polymer and biomass precursors are pyrolyzed to prepare carbon electrodes for Li-ion, Metal (Li/Na/K)-sulfur batteries and supercapacitors. Besides materials, we are also working on electrode design (3-D and beyond).

3.Gas Sensors: Metal oxide based electrospun nanofibers are being tested for the detection of hazardous gases like H2S at lower temperature. Dopants are used to create hetero p-n junction for enhanced detection even at lower conc.

4.Nanofibers based Drug Delivery Systems: We use electrospun nanofibers for controlled drug delivery especially for the oral formulation of hydrophobic and amphiphilic drugs such as Amphotericin-B. Besides, we also work on transdermal patches, wound dressings.

Selected Publications

1. V.K.Bharti, C.S.Sharma, M.Khandelwal, Carbonized Bacterial Cellulose as Free-standing Cathode Host & Protective Interlayer for High performance K-S batteries with enhanced kinetics & stable operation, Carbon, 2023, 212, 118173.

2. A.K.Chourasia, A.D.Pathak, C.S.Bongu, K.Manikandan, S.Praneeth, K.M.Naik, C.S.Sharma, In Situ/Operando Characterization Techniques: The Guiding Tool for the Development of Li-CO2 Battery, Small Methods 2022, 2200930.

3. M.M.Gaikwad, K.K.Sarode, A.D.Pathak, C.S.Sharma, Ultrahigh rate & high-performance Li-S batteries with RF xerogel derived highly porous carbon matrix as cathode host, Chem. Eng. J., 2021, 425, 131521.

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