If you have an excellent academic back ground with proven record in performing cutting edge research in any related areas of chemical engineering, then ChEng@IITH is the place for you. Please contact the faculty search committee (Dr Narasimha Mangadoddy, Dr Praveen Meduri, Dr Sunil K. Maity and Dr. Vinod Janardhanan) for more details. We invite applications thorough out the year. If you are residing abroad we encourage you to visit the department and deliver a talk whenever you are in India. Skype request for interviews will only be considered from candidates who have visited the department in the recent past. However, those who appear for the interview through Skype will only be offered a visiting position and you will have to reappear in the subsequent selection to obtain a regular position. Desirable qualifications & Areas of interest

We expect the applicant to have a PhD degree from institutes of high repute and bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering or allied branches of engineering. It is desirable to have 3 years of post-doctoral experience, however, fresh graduates may also apply and they will be offered only a contract appointment. At present the department is only looking for experts in the areas of environmental remediation, mineral processing, petroleum & petrochemicals, gas liquid & liquid liquid operations, and pharmaceuticals.

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